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The EastBridge Mission

To publish worthwhile books on Asia for Western readers that will enhance their understanding of and appreciation for the complexity and distinctiveness of the many Asian cultures and societies. EastBridge places emphasis on original books in English and translations of books into English from their original Asian languages. EastBridge also publishes reprints of significant classic books about Asia.

About EastBridge

EastBridge, a non-profit corporation, is an independent 501(c)(3) tax-exempt educational and publishing organization under U.S. law. EastBridge was founded in 1997 by JC West, AS Kaufmann, and JM Borton and subsequently has received a number of generous grants from major domestic and overseas philanthropic foundations as well as subvention funding from eminent Asian centers and foundations, among others. All contributions to EastBridge are fully tax-deductible under U.S. tax laws.

About Our Readers

We publish books in order for them to be read and for you, our readers, to be entertained, or educated, or both. Correspondingly, we invite you to share your insights and opinions with us to help mold our selection of new titles and reprints. Please email us or write us with any suggestions you might have for the sort of titles you feel we should pursue in future. Our titles can be purchased immediately on this site, or by contacting us by mail, telephone, or fax, or from your favorite bookstore. In addition, we are participants in the major online bookseller programs, including Alibris and Amazon, and you are welcome to explore them as well.

About Course Adoptions

For professors and teachers considering adoption of one of our titles for a specific course, our gratis desk copy policy is quite simple: send us an email listing the title of interest, the name and number of the course, and its expected enrollment.

About Our Authors

We publish books by some of the most distinguished authors in the world and certainly by the most significant and influential authors in the field of Asian Studies. We therefore invite and encourage scholars and translators from the full spectrum of Asian Studies and Affairs to discuss their publication plans with us at an early stage. Learn what EastBridge can do for your book.

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