A View from Taiwan
Zhang Chen-bang

China’s Peaceful Evolution describes the impact on U.S.-China relations and relations between the two Chinas of the political policy of “Peaceful Evolution”. While Taiwan and Mainland China view the huge Eastern European success of the US implementation of Peaceful Evolution in different ways, their foreign policy responses have been deeply influenced by one man: Zhang Chen-bang.

As head of the Mainland China section of the [Taiwan] Bureau of Military Intelligence, Zhang is Taiwan’s foremost authority on Chinese Communism. He has enjoyed unparalleled access to information on both Chinas which remains unavailable to outsiders and his observations, analyses, and interpretations have directly molded Taiwan’s policy toward the Mainland and, across the Straits, China’s policy toward Taiwan.

This book describes and analyses the historical background and political development of Peaceful Evolution in Asia.

ISBN 1-891936-98-0 (pb) $29.95