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Sino-Japanese Cultural Contacts, 1600-1950
edited by Joshua A. Fogel

As a field of scholarly research, Sino-Japanese studies has grown considerably over the past twenty years, thanks in no small part to the efforts of Joshua Fogel, the editor of this and two previous EastBridge volumes on the subject. Where once this emerging field may have been viewed, usually disparagingly, as a limp appendage of either Chinese or Japanese studies, it has now more or less carved out a space of its own.
The essays in this final volume of the trilogy are selected from the best work that previously appeared in the periodical Sino-Japanese Studies on the intellectual and literary relations between China and Japan between the 17th and 20th centuries, all revised to varying degrees by their authors. It is hoped that the increased exposure of republication in book form will help fuel the movement to take seriously the commitment to Chinese and Japanese studies simultaneously.


Part 1. Neo-Confucianism, Literature, and Politics, 1600–1900
Texts, Contexts, and Intellectual Contacts/Joshua A. Fogel;
Study and Uses of the Yijing in Togugawa Japan/Wai-ming Ng;
Reimportation from Japan to China of Commentaries to the Classic of Filial Piety/Laura E. Hess;
Filial Piety and Loyalty in Tokugawa Confucianism/Wai-ming Ng;
Mencuis and the Meiji Restoration/Wai-ming Ng;
The Transmission of Neo-Confucianiam to the Ryuku (Liuqiu) Islands and Its Historical Sigificance/Barry D. Steben;
Travel and Utopia in Three East Asian Offshoots of Shuihu zhuan; Ellen Widmer;
Remaking a Chinese Ghost Story in Japan/Noriko T. Reider;
Okajima Kanzan’s Popularization of the Chinese Vernacular Novel in 18th-Century Japan/Emanuel Pasytreich

Part 2. Scholarship, Politics, and the Arts from the Late Nineteenth Century
Modern Sino-Japanese Cultural Ties/Joshua A. Fogel;
Yao Wendong and Japanology in Late-Qing China/Wai-ming Ng;
Nishimura Tensho’s Journey to the Yangzi Basin in 1897–98/ Tao Deming;
Hattori Unokichi in Beijing/Paula Harrell;
Kano Naoki’s Relationship to Kanagaku: His Scholarship from the Meiji Period/Joshua A. Fogel;
Anti-Manchu Racism and the Rise of Anthropology in Early 20th-Century China/Ishikawa Yoshihiro;
Tokugawa Intellectual History and Prewar Ideology: The Case of Inoue Tetsujiro, Yamaga Soko, and the Forty-seven Ronin/John Allen Tucker;
Naito Konan’s History of Chinese Painting/Aida Yuen Wong;
Some Sidelights on Japanese Sinologists of the Early 20th Century/John Timothy Wixted

Joshua A. Fogel teaches East Asian history at the University of California, Santa Barbara

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