The Lives of Evangeline French, Mildred Cable, and Francesca French of the China Inland Mission
Linda K. Benson

In the 1920s, three adventurous and determined British women missionaries traveled along the traces of China’s old Silk Road to “gossip the Gospel” in the Muslim regions of northwestern China. But as this ground-breaking biography of Mildred Cable and the sisters Eva and Francesca French illustrates, their mission service was only one aspect of these three unconventional women’s lives. As members of the China Inland Mission, they advocated equality for women in mission service; in their varied writings they denounced the British opium trade; and on home leaves they wrote and published books that, in their lifetimes, brought them wide acclaim as adventurous travelers, authors and popular public speakers. Ultimately, the collaboration between Francesca French and Mildred Cable produced over 20 books, including Mildred Cable’s renowned travel classic, The Gobi Desert.

In this detailed and carefully researched account, Linda Benson reveals three extraordinary lives and provides new insight into role of European women in the China mission field, the impact of warlord politics in Gansu and Xinjiang, and the lives of Muslim women in the far northwest.

Linda Benson is professor of Chinese history at Oakland University, Michigan, and author of several books on northwestern China, including The Ili Rebellion and China’s Last Nomads. She is also the author of numerous scholarly works on China’s Muslim minorities and the 20th century history of the Xinjiang region.

ISBN 1-59988-015-6 (pb) $29.95