The Personal Letters of Bishop and Mrs. Logan Roots,
Two American Missionaries in China (1900-1934)
Motoko Huthwaite, ed.

"Logan Herbert Roots (1870-1945) was a very important figure in the history of the Christian missionary movement in modern China who, by his exemplary life in China, contributed to the later development of a vibrant and fully Chinese church after the missionary era ended."
--Daniel Bays, PhD - Calvin College

"[Bishop Roots] was no ordinary churchman. One could find in his drawing room leaders of the Communist Party, as well as those of the Kuomintang. Here was a man whose influence on the thought patterns of China's leaders was measureless."
--Captain Evans("Gung-ho")Carlson USMC - in his book Twin Stars over China.

From China with Love is a family portrait drawn by the letters of a married couple madly in love for over thirty years. Because their home is in China, the letters also tell us something about China; but what stands out most are the tender expressions of endearment, of concern, and of love for each other, for their children, and for their friends, both Chinese and foreign, in China and in the United States. It is a delightful experience tracing the love and commitment of two intelligent and eloquent Americans from 1900 until Eliza's death in 1934.

This book will resonate with many young couples today—emailing love letters between America and Iraq or Afghanistan or some other far-flung danger spot—separated by distance and war, but united in loving concern, faith, and hope.

ISBN 1-59988-016-4 (pb) $29.95