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EastBridge is assisted by a talented and experienced team of imprint and series editors who help maximize both the intellectual and economic value of their titles thereby retaining quality authors and fostering the widest possible readership.

Signature Books

J. Clayton West, Imprint Editor

Signature Books focuses on fiction and non-fiction titles in Asian Studies. The principal concentration is supplementary reading texts and materials for undergraduate courses and graduate seminars. A special interest is literature-in-translation and the travel writings of Western journalists and diplomats.

A founding director and senior editor at EastBridge, J. Clayton West earned his AB in Sino-Soviet Studies under Edwin O. Reischauer and John K. Fairbank at Harvard College, his MBA from the Amos Tuck School at Dartmouth College, and his certificate in Nuclear Engineering from Knolls Atomic Power Laboratories. Mr. West has taught at the Advanced Submarine School, Groton CT, the Buckingham School, Cambridge MA, and Massachusetts Radio School, Boston MA. He is a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland, an Overseas Member of the Royal Asiatic Society-Korea Branch, and a member of the American Oriental Society. He retired from the US Coast Guard with the rank of Commander, having held three major commands. He has edited more than two dozen books on Asia and has presented invitational papers at book publishing conferences in Paju Bookcity (Seoul) Korea.

D'Asia Vu Reprint Library

Charles W. Hayford, Imprint Editor

D'Asia Vu Reprint Library republishes classic books in fiction, essays, journalism, and scholarly exegeses which look at many parts of Asia in order to critically appreciate the range of views and how they changed over time. A special focus is on books that are effective in the classroom, books that make their many Asias vivid and personal.

Each volume has a new introduction by a contemporary authority to set the historical context for the reader and to suggest modern and post-modern critical interpretations.

An Independent Scholar, Charles W Hayford has taught Chinese history and U.S.-China Relations at Harvard University, Oberlin College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Northwestern University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Illinois at Chicago Circle, Stanford University, and the University of Iowa. A graduate of Harvard College, Dr. Hayford received his Ph.D. in Chinese History from Harvard University. His publications include To the People: James Yen and Village China (1990); China, a volume in the World Bibliography Series (1997); and articles, chapters, encyclopedia entries, and reviews in the field of Chinese history and Chinese-American relations. From 1990 to 1995, he was the book review editor (China/Inner Asia) for the Journal of Asian Studies.

The Missionary Enterprise in Asia

Kathleen L. Lodwick, Imprint Editor

Protestant and Catholic missionaries in Asia left an enduring legacy in the countries where they worked and frequently not the one they intended. The Missionary Enterprise In Asia presents enduring works on the experiences, legacy, and impact of these missionaries and their families. All time periods are covered, with emphasis on the modern era.

The Missionary Enterprise in Asia includes studies by scholars in the fields of history, sociology, religion, anthropology; memoirs of those who served as missionaries in Christian missions in Asia; and writings of indigenous scholars and converts whose lives were impacted by missionary activities.

Kathleen L. Lodwick, Professor of History at Pennsylvania State University, teaches at the Lehigh Valley Campus of Penn State's Berks/Lehigh Valley College. She holds a Ph.D. in Chinese History from the University of Arizona. Her publications include the two-volume reference The Chinese Recorder Index: A Guide to Christian Missions in Asia, 1867-1941 (1986), Educating the Women of Hainan: The Career of Margaret Moninger in China, 1915-1941 (1995), and Crusaders Against Opium: Protestant Missionaries in China, 1880- 1917 (1996). Professor Lodwick is currently writing a history of the Nanjing Theological Seminary under a grant from the Foundation for Theological Education.

Voices of Asia

Anthony S. Kaufmann, Imprint Editor

Voices of Asia presents important academic and other books in the social sciences and the humanities by leading contemporary Asian writers in English translation. It responds to the need to make available at least a portion of the large corpus of outstanding scholarship by Asian authors whose work would otherwise be accessible to only a very small number of Western specialists.

Voices of Asia proceeds from the premise that, apart from their specific foci of academic inquiry, most Western specialists on Asia, for various reasons, are unable to keep abreast of contemporary Asian scholarship in their fields. At the same time, because English is the international language, large numbers of Asian scholars are able to follow the Western academic literature in their specializations. Voices of Asia recognizes this lack of reciprocity as a serious barrier to understanding and seeks to facilitate a two-way flow of knowledge between Asia and the West. The imprint also publishes selected books of general interest by Asian writers.

Anthony S. Kaufmann is a director and senior editor with EastBridge. He received his AB in Anthropology from Dartmouth College, the BPhil, also in Anthropology, from Oxford University, and the Juris Doctor from Pennsylvania University School of Law. He has taught at Bryn Mawr College. Mr. Kaufmann served as deputy General Counsel and Vice President, International Sales with Grolier, a major reference book publisher prior to participating in the founding of EastBridge and following positions with two major New York law firms. He is admitted to both the New York and Connecticut bars. He succeeds the distinguished Asianist Steven I. Levine in this position.