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Living Dangerously in Korea by Donald N. Clark

Outstanding Academic Title Choice

"Highly recommended. All libraries and readers." G. Zheng in Choice (April 2004)

"This book should be accessible to most undergraduate students and should be on the reading list of anyone with an interest in modern Korean History or the story of Westerners and Asia." Book Reviews in Education About Asia v8#3 Winter 2003

" extraordinary book with great depth and a feeling for the ... historical events in Korea that impacted the world at large." Bill Drucker in Korean Quarterly (Fall 2003)

" impressive work of historical inquiry, intellectual discipline, accessibility, and charm. I have found it a valuable resource for teaching and it should prove very effective for courses not only in Korean history, but also in anthropology, sociology, religion, and even comparative colonialism. Students take to it because because of its compelling (and sometimes amusing) stories, its intriguing characters, and its readability. Scholars will be drawn for the same reasons and because Living Dangerously in Korea is a first-rate book." Kyung Moon Hwang in The Journal of Korean Studies 12:1 (Fall 2007)

An American in Hanoi by Desaix Anderson

"Recommended for students studying Asian Affairs and US foreign policy in general, and for the general public interested in issues surrounding globalization.. All levels." S.G. Shimizu in Choice (Nov 2002)

Everlasting Empire by Yi In-hwa transl by Yu Young-nan

Outstanding Literary Translation -- Daesan Foundation Prize

"Highly recommended. Collections of Asian literature in translation serving readers at all levels." T. Carolan in Choice (March 2003)

"...indeed an engrossing mystery." Kim Choi in Korean Quarterly (Summer 2003)

"It's perfect for anyone who wants to brush up on their knowledge of Korean history or curl up with a good mystery book on a cold winter day." Jeffrey Miller in The Korea Times

"Having read both the English translation and the Korean original...I was surprised to find the English translation the more accessible." Mary Kim in the International Herald Tribune (October 2002)

"Yu Young-nan [delivers a] smooth, almost poetic, rendering of the original [Korean text]." Ronald Suleski in Harvard Review (Spring 2003)

"...I became lost in the story and forgot I was reading a translation." Elizabeth Kraft Lee in The American Women's Club Magazine (Seoul, Winter 2002)

"...I strongly recommend Everlasting Empire for not only its value as a teaching tool, but further as a very entertaining read." Michael J. Pettid in Korean Studies (Vol.26, No.2)

No Exit? by Zi Zhongyun transl Zhang Ciyun and Jia Yanli

"Recommended." G. Zheng in Choice (April 2004)

Burma's Armed Forces by Andrew Selth

"Selth's book will become a standard reference work. [It] is an encyclopedic, nuts and bolts analysis of the modern-day Tatmadaw...updat[ing] our understanding of th[eir] increasingly modernized armed forces." Martin Smith in review 35:4 (2003),621-632 entitled "The Enigma of Burma's Tatmadaw: A 'State within a State'" Critical Asian Studies (2003)

"Selth's 25 years as a diplomat, strategic defence analyst, and academic has produced more subtle elements...[than a simple] confrontation between the movement for democracy and the all-powerful military, the Tatmadaw." John Graham in The Canberra Times (November 2003)

Sagacious Monks and Bloodthirsty Warriors edited by Joshua A. Fogel

"The essays in this volume begin the process of systematically opening up the rich world of Chinese views of Japan from the sixteenth to the early twentieth centuries" in Publications of Note: Journal of Japanese Studies 30:1 (2004)

My First Revolution by Winthrop Knowlton

"This book is an extraordinary comparison of life on two sides of the world in 1948" Foreword Magazine (January, 2001)

"Knowlton and his chum [the late Harvard Professor] James C. Thomson, Jr. , both just out of prep school, travelled through China as communist forces swept southward. Off The Shelf in Harvard Magazine (January-February 2003)

"Anyone...will enjoy this elegant coming of age memoir." Publisher's Weekly (October 2001)

"Highly recommended." Edgar C. Knowlton Jr in World Literature Today (April-June 2003)

Five Gentlemen of Japan by Frank Gibney

"The profiles...convey [Dr. Gibney's] understanding of [immediate postwar] Japanese culture." Jane Erskine in Book News (August 2003)

"Few writers have equalled [Gibney's] appraisal and none has improved on it." Richard Halloran in Far Eastern Economic Review (October 2003)

The Voice of the Governor-General transl Kyung-ja Chun

"...these writers share the pain and suffering of ordinary people and tell their stories with empathy, courage, and above all, a resolute sense of justice." Y. Kim Choi in Korean Quarterly (Winter 2003-2004)

Stone Mirror by David I. Steinberg

"Steinberg addresses these subjects [contemporary Korea] seriously and thoughtfully. [But notes] You can take a Korean out of Seoul but you can't take the Seoul out of a Korean." Bill Drucker in Korean Quarterly (Fall 2003)

The Oriole's Song by BJ Elder

"In prose as decorative as Chinese thousand-flower porcelain or the intricate handcarving of an interior wooden screen, Elder reflects on [her] early girlhood in Changsha... Charming, evocative, poignant, but never mawkish, The Oriole's Song echoes truly as a testament to the ancient verities that are China, the old, living land and its sagacious peoples--influences that impress their stamp down into the metal of the soul." David Angus in The S[hanghai]A[merican]S[chool]A[ssociation] News (Issue No. 44, Summer 2004)

Mystic Synthesis in Java by M.C. Ricklefs

"...Ricklef's analysis here is a welcome invitation to consider the complexity of the historical dynamics that European expansion helped set in train. We should be grateful indeed that he has taken on such a challenging task and carried it out with such care and thought." William Cummings in Interario 31/1 (2007)